I’ve had more misses that hits so far season, such is life of the weekend warrior 😉 Saturday was another miss. However my January highlight was skiing a line with Tom grant. I’ve been looking at the North West shoulder of the aiguille du Tacul for years but not had the confidence to ski it. It was worth waiting for. I’ve started to ski with Tom recently and he is an exceptional mountain guide and person to spend time with in the mountains, most importantly my success rate increases dramatically when we hook up! He also happens to be a highly accomplished steep skier with a deep knowledge of just about any steep line in chamonix. Whatever your level or aspirations if your into skiing big lines, I would highly recommend Tom. Luckily for me he likes taking pictures and is equally adverse to hanging around waiting, when one should be skiing as fast as possible! – Ian Wilson Young

Tom was my guide for Mont Blanc a few years back now. Tom is the real deal, super knowledgable and super capable. We had a great time, shared the love of the mountains along with some good laughs. Tom was more than happy to impart those extra bits of technical knowledge and instruction…if I was looking for a guide to share an adventure with I’d look no further…get booking. – Jon Hardy

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