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I’ve spoken about my adventures to a wide variety of audiences:

  • Mountain film festivals 
  • Universities
  • Tech startups 

I deeply enjoy sharing very personal stories and anecdotes from a decade of wild adventures in the mountains.

If you looking for a speaker at a corporate event and want a fresh perspective from outside of the corporate world then I would love to hear from you. I relate how risk taking and decision making in the mountains in life or death situations is often not so different from the risky challenges facing startups in a dynamic and fast moving world. I explore these themes using very personal stories of success and failure and of triumph and tragedy.

  • The freedom of total commitment
  • Harnessing Flow States to preform beyond what you thought possible
  • Embracing uncertainty and the unknown
  • Mental frameworks for justifying risk taking
  • When to listen to your gut and when not to. Rational thinking in critical situations.
  •  Assembling the right team with a shared risk tolerance and how to harness group Flow States when egos are put aside.