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Whether you are already an experienced winter climber in Scotland but wish to take those skills to Alps, or whether it’s your first time climbing steep ground with two ice axes, look no further. With years of experience climbing some of the biggest mixed routes in the Alps, let me guide and coach you on the incredible alpine mixed routes of the Mont Blanc Massif and beyond.

Group size 2 maximum.


1 person 550 euros/day

2 people 600 euros/day

Individual routes available upon request, prices may very according to the length and difficulty of the route.


  1. Hi Tom,My name is David Dyess,I am very interested in climbing the North Face of the Matterhorn. I have been climbing for over 50 years and have climb throughout the Alps and the USA,including many routes in Yosemite. Including a winter solo of one of the routes on El Cap. I have also climbed almost all of the major peaks in the Zermatt,Saas Fe area including the Matterhorn Hornli ridge 4 times, the Mittellegi Ridge on the Eiger, the Stockhorn North Face (in blizzard conditions).I can give you my entire climbing history if you like.The North Face of the Matterhorn has always been a climb that I have wanted to do. My guide for most of the climbs in Switzerland name is Roman Haltinner.A great guide but has little interest in climbing many of the North Face routes. I live in Taos New Mexico at an altitude of 7,000 ft. Our mountains, are in the 4,000 meter range so I am always well acclimated and are great for training.

    1. Hi David, thanks for getting in touch here.. I’d be happy to discuss the Matterhorn north face as a potential future project together. Drop me an email please at and feel free to reach out to me by phone too +33673635530. Best regards,

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