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Steep skiing isn’t just for the elite. No matter what your ski background, so long as you have a solid foundation of off piste experience, I can offer guiding on classic steep lines around Chamonix and the Alps. From complete beginner steep skiers to pros, I can take you to the best condition steep lines depending on your ability. My experience will allow for detailed coaching on modern steep skiing techniques suitable for all snow conditions. Steep skiing is my passion, let me share it with you.

Group size 1-3 clients.

Price for 1 person 550 euros/day

2 people 650/day

3 people 700/day

Depending on your level, I’m able to guide steep descents from the moderate accessible classics up to some of the steepest biggest runs in the Alps. Price for individual descents will vary according to the length and difficulty of the descent. 

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